Solar Model
What's New

Here listed full list of changes in the Solar Model.

V2.1 News

  • Added Ruler feature.
  • Added Measurer feature.
  • Added Advanced SysInfo feature.
  • Added Screenshot without GUI option.
  • Added tooltips to some GUI elements.
  • Fixed bug with incorrect Earth rotation direction.
  • Fixed bug with incorrect measurement of system RAM (in SysInfo).
  • Fixed bug with rendering atmosphere layer on Saturn when using OpenGL renderer.
  • Moved to latest IrrLicht library (version 1.4.1, revision 1358).

V2.0 News

  • Reworked GUI.
  • Improved Asteroid Belt looking.
  • Located planets (and Moon) in the correct nowadays positions.
  • Added displaying current approximate camera's distance from the Sun (in km and a.u.).
  • Added Galaxy feature.
  • Added Options feature.
  • Added Direct3D9 renderer.
  • Added bills to gas gians (Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune).
  • Added Screenshots feature.
  • Added ability to change camera speed.
  • Migrated map scripts on XML.
  • Fixed found grammar mistakes.
  • Updated to latest IrrLicht library (version 1.3.1, revision 721).

V1.21 News

  • Added Asteroid Belt.
  • Add Kuiper Belt.
  • Fixed Saturn polar diameter.
  • Improved source compatibility (now the same source compiles under Windows and Linux).
  • Updated to latest IrrLicht library (version 1.3, revision 636).

V1.2 News

  • Added ability to link camera LookFrom and LookAt points with space objects.
  • Added ability to switch on/off labels on objects.
  • Added Ceres dwarf planet.
  • Added ring to Uranus.
  • Added number of moons with descriptions (and all "old" moons reviewed). Fixed rotating traectories.
  • Added original textures of main moons of the planets.
  • Added real angles to orbits of Eris, Pluto and Neptune.
  • Fixed shifted object picking.
  • Fixed screen blinking when changing time flow speed.
  • SysInfo feature added.
  • Help feature added.
  • Pluto's and Charon's textures changed.
  • Number of object's description updated.
  • Adopted space object proportions. Sun updated to smaller size (indeed Sun more than 1 million times bigger of Earth ). Lets ignore Sun's size and distance to Earth, so now from Earth Sun looks like real; Moon some times can hide the Sun makes solar eclipse possible).
  • Updated to latest IrrLicht library (vesion 1.3, revision 568).
  • Fixed found grammar mistakes.

V1.1 News

  • Removed transparency from Sun texture.
  • Increased Sunís brightness.
  • Fixed some grammar mistakes.
  • Fixed wrong textures of Uranus, Neptune and Pluto.
  • Changed diffuse textures for more detailed for such planets/moons: Sun, Mercury, Venus, Moon, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto. Also space stars texture now got 1024x1024 size.
  • Added atmospheric glow to Earth.
  • Added configuration file (config.dat). It contains all information about what driver to use for rendering, what resolution, use full screen or not and more.
  • Charonís over Pluto rotation period fixed. Charonís description added.

V1.0 News

First release.

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