Company Policies

No Spyware!

Our relationship with our customers is based on trust and responsibility. We will never put spyware or adware in our programs, and we guarantee that our software (downloaded from this web site) is virus-free.

Goods and Services

If our software is published as freeware you can download it free and use it as long as you wish. Sources of the program are also available for free download. All our freeware programs is under GNU General Public License.

If our software is published as shareware, it means that you can download a product and try it for free. When you use a product on a trial basis, you see enough of the product to evaluate whether or not you want to buy it. If you are satisfied with a product, then you may purchase it. When you purchase one of our products, we sell you a registration code that allows unlimited use of the software.

Delivery Policy

Your purchase via our online store will normally be handled within 12 hours (usually much less), and a registration e-mail will be sent containing a registration code. We do not ship CD-ROMs or other media with our software, buying our software you receiving registration code that you can use to unlock the program for unlimited use.

Refund Policy

All our software that published as shareware is "try before you buy". That is means if you tried our software and it runs OK and you like it -- you buy it. "Try" period is long enough to ensure that you like it and it runs without problems on your hardware.

If you require refund for any reason please contact us using any method listed on our Support page.

Privacy Policy

ff Softworks respects your privacy, and will never sell or share your information with others until you ask us to do so (for example, you may want to see your name in Donors List after donation for our freeware project -- anyway this is up to you and we do not public any private information by default). When you purchase our product, you will receive e-mails only from ff Softworks, and from our order processor -- Plimus (in response to your order).

If you have any questions, concerns or comments, contact us using any method listed on our Support page.

Support Policy

For all queries regarding our products and how to install them, please consult our Support page before contacting us, since our most common questions are answered there in FAQ section.

If your query is regarding a registration which you have not received yet, please wait for at least 12 hours before contacting us, since it is possible to delay up to 12 hours.

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